Westword Best Place to Buy Rugby Gear – 2013 April 7, 2013 – Posted in: News

As Colorado’s rugby capital, Glendale  home of Infinity Park, the state’s only rugby-centric outdoor coliseum  works hard to build a rough-and-tumble community image to match the sport’s ruffian attitude. Luckily, there’s O’Brien Rugby to lend that image a kick in the rear. O’Brien, which is also the sole merchandiser of official Glendale Raptors uniforms and gear, began by running the park’s memorabilia-laden “Shopping Maul” (yup, it’s a rugby thing); now the same merchandise and more can also be purchased just a few steps from the stadium  at O’Brien’s storefront  or online. O’Brien’s motto? “Blood-resistant apparel for all your rugby needs.” Call for an appointment. (720) 445-MAUL (6285)

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